What are Hangry Animals?

Hangry Animals is a collection of 11,111 generative art pieces that represent characters of our up and coming (HangryVerse) metaverse movie experience . There are 5 species to collect and any number of combinations to add to your collection of animals. There will be hidden among the total collection a series of Ultra, Super, Rare, Collectors and General species for you to enjoy and own. 

Holding more than 5 Hangry Animals NFTs will hold a special utility in the near future too. See if you can collect them all!


Our presale will be whitelist only. Join us on Telegram and let’s get this party started. Our Discord is exclusive and will be NFT holders only. People will need to earn a spot on this very exclusive drop by helping to bring eyes and collaborations to the HangryVerse. 

Why so many animals?

It all started with Hippos and an idea called Hangry Hippos… which if you think about it could have gotten us into hot water! We decided an expansive universe of animals would be much cooler, provide more choice as to which one is your favourite and also pave the way for an eclectic bunch of hybrid human/animal super beings that form the basis of our origin story!

Hangry Animals begins its life as a generative art experience NFT collection, but with a trademarked IP in 4 categories at the USPTO, we’re building a brand for the future, which bridges the real world of film making with digital art utility. For those vigilant people, you may or may not discover that we have 8 species in the collection if you include our rares. Find out more about the rarity chart for avid collectors and get an understanding of our future staking reward multipliers in due course too! 

Meet some of the Hangry Animals!

Why are these animals so Hangry?

The story starts in year 2031. Leon Stromy, the Texas born billionaire founder of Stromy Off World Mining Inc has taken off on a clandestine mission in a rocket ship to rendevous with an asteroid that contains rare elements, which Leon believes can become the source of the world’s clean energy. Little does he know that events to follow will soon set the Hangry Animals upon the earth.

Watch our intro video!

Hangry Otis character test.

Otis character test provides you with a flavour of the style for the 2D film and the full motion video sequences to expect inside the interactive comic experiences. We’re in the midst of our 3D metaverse skin development process for Otis and will be showcasing this suit for performances closer to our Presale drop via www.swappable.io. Announcement of Drop will be across all socials when the timing is right, so wen launch? wen we’re frikin ready 😛 We’re excited! I bet you’re pissing your pants with excitement too. #letsgethangry.


Wear your hanger!

How can you say you’re really Hangry without letting others know? Our hangry merch is made from the finest sustainable materials around using Rapanui, and is guaranteed to keep you Hangry all the time!

ProducT Roadmap

Our devs and creators get very hangry if they’re not working on something. To keep them at bay, we have decided to create a lot of great features that we are working on to keep us Hangry for more. These features will only be released to the public when they are perfected, but they will follow the timeline set in the roadmap! More features will be added as we evolve the ecosystem and functionality we are providing to investors.

Phase-1 2021

  • Creation of NFT Collection - completed
  • Private-Presale - completed
  • Hangry Yacht Party In Miami, Florida - completed
  • Smart Contract Audit - Completed
  • DAPP creation for minting - completed
  • Animation screen tests for movie style - completed
  • Metaverse Skins development starts - Completed
  • Marketing - ongoing
  • Partnership deal signing - ongoing
  • Team expansion - ongoing
Group 28

Phase-2 2022

  • Metaverse Skin Tests - Motion Capture Suit With Lip Synch
  • Audit Completion and publishing
  • Promotion and competitions around NFT drop
  • AMAs in run up to presale and public sales - ongoing
  • Public Presale H-Day (H day before G day) - TBC
  • Pubic Sale (G Day) - TBC
  • Interactive Comic Origins Series Development begins - ongoing
  • Metaverse Hangry Animals Virtual Skins Development - ongoing
Group 28

phase-3 2022/23

  • Launch Hangry Animals Utility Coin On A Major Layer 1 Blockchain Swap DEX!
  • Listing On Coin Market Cap & Coin Gecko
  • Voting DAO for Upgrades, Audition and Movie direction
  • Begin Development Of NFT Upgrades for Hangry Training
  • Hangry Animals Game Development Begins
  • Upgrade DAPP and Leaderboard for Hangry Training
  • Integrate Hangry Vaults For Staking NFTs
  • Hangry Animals The Movie - Script and Storyboard

More To follow soon!

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